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Data Plan Subscription

Our Data Plan service is one of our hottest deals. Not only have we made Data Plan subscription easy, but we have also reduced the cost of Data Plans subscription in Nigeria to a friendly amount.

When you subscribe to Data Plans through gosub.ng, you will save ₦50 to ₦3,000 per transaction.

Apart from that, when you share our platform with other people (using your referral link), anytime these people subscribe to Data Plans through gosub.ng we will reward you with some mind-blowing commissions. Also, when the people you refer, refer other people, you still get paid some commissions.

At gosub.ng, we offer you cheap Data Plans without compromising quality.

If you can pay less when you buy from gosub.ng, why would you want to pay more when you buy from others?

If you are not yet a registered member of gosub.ng, click on register to get started or login if you are already registered.

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