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Convert Airtime to Cash

At some point in time, some people have erroneously recharged their SIM Card with huge Airtime amount that they don't need or can't even finish in months.

There are also situations where people receive Airtime Top-up or Recharge Card PIN from friends and family members as gifts. These receivers may want to convert the Airtime to physical cash rather than use it to make phone calls or subscribe to Data Plans.

The list of situations that require Airtime to Cash services is enormous.

Because of situations like the above, that is why we launched Airtime to Cash service.

With our Airtime to Cash service, anyone can convert their Airtime to Cash in less than 20 minutes with just a few clicks.

Our Buying Rate

When you send your Airtime to us, we will pay you at the following rate:

Network Pay Rate

To start using this service, you must be a registered member of gosub.ng, click on register to get started or login if you are already registered.

How to Transfer Airtime
Network Transfer Change PIN

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