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Airtime Top-up

Recharging your phone call or data credit just got easier and cheaper! Gosub.ng allows you to purchase Airtime top-up of all major network service providers in Nigeria at a cheaper rate.

Our Airtime service comes in two ways which are Me2U and eTop-Up:


This airtime has already been loaded into gosub.ng system and ready for distribution to our users. The airtime comes at a better discount rate, which could be up to 10% depending on the network you are buying.


This airtime is purchase directly and real-time from the network service provider, it can be likened to the digital version of Recharge Card. The airtime comes at a discount rate too, although less than the discount rate of Me2U.

Me2U or eTop-Up which should I go for?

If your SIM card is on a special package where you get a bonus on airtime recharge, with Me2U service you may not get this recharge bonus, but you will still get the airtime from gosub.ng at a discount rate. with eTop-Up, you will get the recharge bonus.

Me2U and eTop-Up are both airtime, which can achieve the same purpose.

Airtime Top-up Rate
Network Me2U Discount eTop-Up Discount

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