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Terms and Conditions


By registering on gosub.ng, you agree to use the platform for the intended and right purpose and not in any way that involves illegalities. Gosub.ng will not be liable for any form of illegalities that occurs through your gosub.ng account.


Our system is very secured, in spite of that, we always advise our users to use a unique password that they have not used on any other website or application before. By registering on gosub.ng, you agree that any security bridge that may occur on your personal account because you revealed your password or pin to someone else whether online or offline, gosub.ng will not be accountable for such a bridge.


You can purchase or subscribe to gosub.ng products and services via various payment channels such as online and offline payment channels. By registering on gosub.ng, you agree that all deposits or wallet funding or any form of transaction performed through your gosub.ng account will not be associated with any kind of fraud.


When a user places an order on a product or service, there are situations where the user may erroneously provide wrong beneficiary details or information. By registering on gosub.ng, you agree that every erroneous beneficiary detail or information provided by you will not be seen or purported as a fault or mistake from gosub.ng. Hence, you will be 100% responsible for the outcome or any form of dissatisfaction resulting from such transaction.

Promotion | Marketing | Updates

By registering on gosub.ng, you give us the permission to send you updates, promotional and marketing contents associated with our products and services to the email and phone number you provided during registration.

These terms and conditions are not permanent, gosub.ng management is constantly reviewing it every day. Hence, we advise our users to read them regularly so that they will know if there is any change.