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Gosub.ng is a platform that sells telecommunication products and services to individuals and corporate customers in Nigeria.

Through our platform, anyone can buy telecommunication products or services such as data plans, airtime, transfer or convert airtime to cash, and process bills payments.

With our state-of-the-art automated system, your satisfaction, privacy and security are 100% guarantee.

About Gosub.ng


Data Plan Subscription

We sell data plans of all major network service providers in Nigeria. When you subscribe to data plans through us, you will save ₦50 to ₦22,000 per subscription.

Airtime Top-up

We sell airtime top-up of all major network service providers in Nigeria.

Airtime to Cash

Our airtime to cash service allows anyone to convert their airtime to cash within 10 minutes.

Cable TV Subscription

Subscribing to Cable TV plans just got easier and cheaper. Gosub.ng provides a hassle-free Cable TV subscription service at a discount rate.

Bills Payment

We provide a hassle-free bills payment service that allows you to process various kinds of bills such as electricity bills at a discount rate.


Gosub.ng doesn't just help you reduce the cost of digital services, it also loads residual income in your bank account when you share the platform with other people.

The numbers speak for us

Our platform is trusted by over 80,000 Nigerians. This is possible because of the quality service and top-notch customer support we render to our users. Register an account if you have not or log in if you already have an account, we hope to see you soon.

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